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Inside Airbnb - Los Angeles

Inside Airbnb, an independent, non-commercial website provides publicly available data of Airbnb listings for selected cities. The latest available data from Los Angeles that was used is from: July 25, 2015.

This Silk database focuses on Los Angeles and zooms in on the population of Airbnb hosts that post so many separate locations in the city they can reasonably be considered professional hoteliers. Some numbers to start with:

  • Los Angeles has close to 16,000 places to stay listed on Airbnb, hosted by some 11,000 different hosts. 
  • The vast majority of hosts (92%) have 1 or 2 places listed.
  • However, some 440 hosts (less than 0.5% of all LA hosts) have 4 or more locations listed -- we'll dub them 'multi-hosts'. Of these 'multi-hosts', 43 have more than 15 places listed.
  • Together, the tiny group of multi-hosts offers roughly 20% of all LA listings on Airbnb.
440 LA Airbnb hosts post 4 different listings or more
Page Title
Host name
Days a year available
Number of reviews
1 Bedroom + Loft in luxury building (6003646)Aaron$300360034.06277869, -118.3377248
1 Bedroom Apartment LA (7514769)Aaron$250365034.07092492, -118.3811936
2BD Penthouse at Central Pasadena (6662326)Angelina$179283134.1414588, -118.1474244
2BR Guesthouse on LA Estate/Pool (3427121)Lisa$1402723534.24140762, -118.5566535
3 bed Sport Yacht with Captain (6785532)Ashton$2,500365033.97851008, -118.43955
3 Bedroom Home with pool (7128445)Aaron$500365034.06201096, -118.3651829
4 BEDROOM+3 BA 2000+SF HOME.KOSHER (6750441)David And Orly - Kosher Rentals & Extended Stays$455343034.04651345, -118.3770139
*LA* 5000 sq ft NORTHRIDGE ESTATE (1539203)Lisa$403371034.24546839, -118.5597915
Adorable Hollywood Gem!!! (6014963)Margalytte$85311334.08940223, -118.3077777
An Oasis in Los Angeles (308584)Kellie$653301134.04760899, -118.3134674
An Oasis in the heart of L.A. (308582)Kellie$653651234.04761885, -118.3134035
Awesome Venice Cabana, Free Bikes! (4077219)Scott$793523034.00259546, -118.4622887
Beach Cabana with Free Bikes! (5318064)Scott$69353634.02698012, -118.4928346
Beautiful 2-Story Home in LAs SFV (2346712)Lisa$323641834.21461411, -118.5340649
Beautiful Garden Studio (6077524)Coralie$1002782633.76844486, -118.1879258
Bed and Breakfast in Los Angeles (1080909)Sue$493385433.98220953, -118.0886722
Bedroom with Free WIFI & Parking(7) (3822064)Mary$48342433.97005244, -118.3493458
Bedroom- Free WIFI & Parking (32) (6646749)Mary$48322133.9704348, -118.3502065
Bella Flats: 1Bd/1Br Heart of DTLA (3694704)Joon$135403334.04969908, -118.2637968
Bella Flats: 1Bd/1Br Next 2 LA LIVE (3861325)Joon$1352334834.04936469, -118.2633217
Bella Flats: 1Bd/1Br Next 2 Staples (3695257)Joon$135395534.04917845, -118.2630902
Bella Flats: 2bd/2br Highrise Suite (7183734)Joon$269343034.04640257, -118.2640607
Bella Flats: 2Bd/2Br Luxury Suite (3262280)Joon$199386734.04946785, -118.2646842
Bella Flats: 2Bd/2Br Skyline Views (3137413)Joon$1992076534.05117956, -118.2650484
Bella Flats: 2bd/2br Suite in DTLA (3476867)Joon$1993146234.049394, -118.2634241
Bella Flats: 2Bd/2Br Vacation Home! (6346285)Joon$199302134.04986527, -118.2639584
Bella Flats: Amazing Highrise DTLA! (4933241)Joon$1991724434.04733112, -118.2592772
Bella Flats: Giant 1Bd/1Br in DTLA (3567480)Joon$129303734.05126942, -118.2637326
Bella Flats: Huge 2Bd/2Br in DTLA (3221184)Joon$1992787934.04910142, -118.2630285
Bella Flats: Luxury Highrise DTLA (4933583)Joon$1991913634.0455098, -118.2592998
Bella Flats: Modern Studio DTLA (3101875)Joon$1191977334.05070936, -118.2629517
Bella Flats:2bd/2br Luxury Highrise (7052947)Joon$275326034.06212163, -118.2911816
BellaFlats: Executive Highrise DTLA (4933722)Joon$1991133134.04709352, -118.2596929
Best deal in LA! Own room w lock! a (3405746)Kelly$392481934.05806012, -118.2921277
Best deal in LA! Own room w lock! b (3270103)Kelly$493321334.05951265, -118.2922297
Beverly Hills Mediterranean Villa (6376716)Ashton$1,400364034.07465339, -118.4132273
Beverly Hills Resorts Owner Suit (7279664)Shuki$750365034.09458236, -118.4299791
Beverly Hills Villa Master Suit (7456627)Shuki$1,500365034.09649909, -118.4287319
BEVERLYWOOD Adj - SUITE WITH VIEW! (6306151)David And Orly - Kosher Rentals & Extended Stays$89354734.04757818, -118.3777401
BEVERLYWOOD SPACIOUS 3+2 HOUSE! (4599380)David And Orly - Kosher Rentals & Extended Stays$1903461834.03939929, -118.3864655
BEVERLYWOOD STUDIO- GREAT LOCATION! (4646484)David And Orly - Kosher Rentals & Extended Stays$553421434.04019195, -118.3887222
BHR " Room Greece" Luxurious Space (7456465)Shuki$400365034.09606469, -118.4303255
BHR "Loft Beverly" Luxurious Space (7067575)Shuki$200362034.09653676, -118.4294338
BHR "Loft Cabo" Luxurious Space (7455930)Shuki$200365034.09614671, -118.4304891
BHR "Loft Ibiza " Luxurious Space (7262720)Shuki$400365034.09580204, -118.4299454
BHR "Loft Maui" Luxurious Space (7068461)Shuki$200365034.09487699, -118.4299468
BHR "Loft Rodeo" Luxurious Space (7366064)Shuki$200365034.09651351, -118.4306814
BHR "Loft Venice" Luxurious Space (7455996)Shuki$200365034.09670555, -118.429958
BHR "R.Monte Carlo" Luxurious Space (7456278)Shuki$599365034.0947821, -118.4286892
BHR "Room Nice" Luxurious Space (7456528)Shuki$350365034.09662611, -118.4291765
BHR "Room Paris" Luxurious Space (7456177)Shuki$300365034.09635155, -118.4286645
BHR "Room Villa" Luxurious Space (7456397)Shuki$200365034.09611446, -118.4292929
BHR "South of France" Great Space (7456573)Shuki$300365034.09483392, -118.4286796
Big room w 3 beds, Los Angeles (3265191)Kelly$853323534.05717356, -118.2917216
Big room- WIFI/Parking/Dining (26) (4948926)Mary$50332333.97147984, -118.3497146
Black Pearl Pirate Room Los Angeles (1080979)Sue$393565033.98099179, -118.0875548
Brand New 4 Story Modern Home (5618108)Aaron$1,850358234.09618971, -118.4055829
Brand New Luxury 1Bed Old Pasadena (7074045)Angelina$15271034.14194909, -118.1437897
Breezy Bungalow - Camping LA Style (1347170)Sue$393504534.03732045, -118.0768313
Bunny Bungalow-Private House For 4 (5550759)Sue$85358634.03614147, -118.0761412
CABIN STYLE HOME LA's NORTHRIDGE CA (2127823)Lisa$323382734.21244596, -118.5315522
Cadillac Room - Private Room in LA (1633624)Sue$4947633.97927846, -118.0964918
CEDAR SINAI ADJ. 3 BEDROOM HOUSE. (7423023)David And Orly - Kosher Rentals & Extended Stays$350365034.07557976, -118.3868061
CENTRALLY LOCATED in LosAngeles,SFV (1797650)Lisa$323441634.21213698, -118.5319398
Charming Apartment Universal City! (5318448)Aaron$195338234.13067655, -118.3454707
Charming East Village Studio (3896813)Coralie$1053388933.76861308, -118.1848594
Charming House in excellent area! (3594396)Aaron$1,000348734.06417384, -118.3381683
Chic Euro-Style Shared Bath Studio (5222426)Coralie$753444133.76968006, -118.1870576
Chic Los Feliz District/Hollywood (6092728)Margalytte$85348234.11114883, -118.2863744
Clean private room w deadbolt lock (4099964)Kelly$35336934.07324691, -118.1372875
Clean&Cozy Room- WIFI&Parking (21) (5061104)Mary$48341433.97099495, -118.3497883
Comfy Euro-Style Shared Bath Studio (4040304)Coralie$753419133.77053738, -118.1875475
Condo In The Heart Of Weho (7008976)Aaron$400365034.08525619, -118.3780249
Contemporary 3 Bedroom Apartment (7264198)Aaron$500348034.06891009, -118.3867301
Cosmopolitan East Village Studio (6424392)Coralie$993442133.7706951, -118.1857557
Cosy 1Bed in Central Pasadena (7113517)Angelina$13984034.14362276, -118.1430203
Cosy 1Bed on Cordova Pasadena (6435692)Angelina$139253234.14363119, -118.1439055
Cosy Camper/Rv downtown LA (7365922)Tim Sokoloff$26336034.04719071, -118.2850926
Cozy 1 Bed Downtown Pasadena (6435583)Angelina$139340034.14226963, -118.1424316
Cozy Bedroom Free wifi/parking (23) (4847310)Mary$48320333.97009633, -118.3482339
Cozy Cabin in Urban Los Angeles (219533)Sue$5934413733.98043052, -118.0980119
Cozy Cottage -Private House For 8 (5479638)Sue$170358134.03741393, -118.0769431
Cozy Euro-Style Shared Bath Studio (4000913)Coralie$7532010933.76985, -118.187858
Cozy home in heart of Beverly Hills (6502641)Aaron$1,500347034.06583712, -118.385669
Del Mar Station by the Old Pasadena (6317242)Angelina$139132134.14069368, -118.1486901
Design apt downtown/hollywood+parkn (4495428)Tim Sokoloff$752924834.05132122, -118.2899576
Earthy Eurostyle Shared Bath Studio (7027403)Coralie$753381133.76892682, -118.1878406
Eclectic East Village Studio (4760495)Coralie$993345133.76975669, -118.1873551
Elegant Eurotel Shared Bath Studio (5511645)Coralie$703253533.77032819, -118.1878224
Enchanting Mediterranean Villa (6513973)Ashton$240353234.14473927, -118.4385588
ENTIRE HOLLYWOOD APT - 2 QUEEN BEDS (6415442)Kate$993211034.10116774, -118.3481486
ENTIRE HOLLYWOOD CONDO-2 QUEEN BEDS (6238714)Kate$992721634.10298213, -118.3488037
ENTIRE HOLLYWOOD FLAT -2 QUEEN BEDS (5337222)Kate$992563934.10395149, -118.3347023
ENTIRE HOLLYWOOD LOFT -2 QUEEN BEDS (4997209)Kate$991774934.09917374, -118.3212154
ENTIRE HOLLYWOOD MICRO LOFT (1873595)Kate$9927512334.10768513, -118.3298275
Funky "Little Loft" w/Shared Bath (4548629)Coralie$753184433.76972506, -118.1877394
Funky camper at house/downtown LA (6494265)Tim Sokoloff$25341434.04676441, -118.2858231
Gramercy Place (404795)Kellie$333361334.04564291, -118.3140905
Gramercy Place Hostel (300323)Kellie$333299934.04630049, -118.31247
Great Location, Private Rm $10 off! (550153)Kelly$453219234.04912293, -118.292186
Great Room! Free wifi/parking (25) (4875056)Mary$49342333.97043751, -118.3479873
Great Room- FREE wifi & parking(29) (4670023)Mary$48352233.97166158, -118.3493901
Great Room- Free Wifi/Parking (27) (4581577)Mary$48329333.9703613, -118.3482644
Greater Hollywood Escape (6095684)Ashton$800307134.14809005, -118.358138
Here's your HOME in LA!! (2184897)Lisa$323561634.21632814, -118.533778
Hidden Hollywood Gem!!! (6053942)Margalytte$99327034.08779657, -118.3070336
Hidden Hollywood Retreat!!! (6053080)Margalytte$99312434.08848393, -118.306042
High End Luxury Loft! (6360815)Aaron$450364134.09317452, -118.3588075
HOLLYWOOD - LARGE BOUTIQUE FLAT (3639052)Kate$992876234.10225408, -118.3352729
Hollywood Forever Koreatown!!! (6030132)Margalytte$75296234.09000853, -118.3053424
Hollywood Glam - Los Feliz!!! (6091186)Margalytte$129322134.09892184, -118.283588
Hollywood Great Location-Los Feliz! (6092079)Margalytte$129331034.09895446, -118.2831974
Hollywood Hills Retreat (4810324)Ashton$1,200349134.11640921, -118.3440882
Hollywood Hills Villa (4457557)Ashton$900365134.10961124, -118.3135437
Hollywood Loft - Melrose Hill!!! (6018478)Margalytte$75344034.08811746, -118.3057415
HOLLYWOOD LUX LOFT -2 QUEEN BEDS (6178163)Kate$1092422334.10107027, -118.3362187
Hollywood Oasis - Los Feliz!!! (6055004)Margalytte$85317134.0994227, -118.2847631
Hollywood Sign Views (6015443)Ashton$390365234.09408147, -118.2739941
Hollywood Special with Deck!!! (6052773)Margalytte$85308134.08800442, -118.3076059
Hollywood Star - Los Feliz!!! (6092539)Margalytte$85333234.09805843, -118.2836851
Hollywood Studio With Views!!! (6054826)Margalytte$75323234.08821468, -118.3055182
Hollywood Upgraded Delight!!! (6030899)Margalytte$85318234.08975068, -118.3073054
HOLLYWOOD VINE APT - WALK OF FAME (4324111)Kate$993025334.10099153, -118.3258819
HOLLYWOOD WALK OF FAME - CHIC FLAT (3818815)Kate$992507334.10218739, -118.3375026
HOLLYWOOD WALK OF FAME - DELUXE APT (3563980)Kate$9928310434.10225412, -118.3332516
HOLLYWOOD WALK OF FAME - ENTIRE APT (6005635)Kate$993281234.1011096, -118.3322103
HOLLYWOOD WALK OF FAME - LUX FLAT (4317426)Kate$1293064634.10398263, -118.3285237
HOLLYWOOD WALK OF FAME-LUX 2 BD 2BA (3061046)Kate$1992827134.10280195, -118.3390685
HOLLYWOOD WALK OF FAME-LUX CHIC 2BR (3405660)Kate$1992377934.10291358, -118.3381184
Hollywood/downtown studio + parking (3572112)Tim Sokoloff$752987934.05296133, -118.2882674
Home For The Stars! (5328694)Aaron$2,000365034.16856233, -118.4358514
HOME in LA! Northridge Estates (2123483)Lisa$40317434.24421909, -118.5595209
Homey Euro-Style Shared Bath Studio (4326261)Coralie$753446533.76985371, -118.1871764
HOSTEL in great location! (288038)Kellie$333245034.04640699, -118.3139388
Hostel in the heart of Los Angeles (404691)Kellie$333342234.04596698, -118.3137861
Hostel near everything in L.A. (400478)Kellie$333482334.04595481, -118.3125253
Hostel-near Hollywood & Downtown! (300407)Kellie$333393734.04572301, -118.3139734
Indoor Tree House Venice and bikes! (2737088)Scott$693453334.0012143, -118.4617693
Keller Hotel Beverly Hills -2874 (4839152)Indira$899121034.10432615, -118.403605
Keller Hotels Beverly Hills-8601 (1510357)Indira$479121034.06533201, -118.3774667
Keller Hotels Home in Bel Air -1517 (5642876)Indira$1,450316034.09814558, -118.401271
Keller Hotels I. Beverly Hills -78 (5648601)Indira$799223034.10206898, -118.4163575
Keller Hotels in Beverly Hills- 717 (5643106)Indira$1,850323034.05740767, -118.3947579
Keller Hotels in Beverly Hills- 970 (5648911)Indira$1,499365034.13106897, -118.4199804
Keller Hotels in Beverly Hills-3002 (5649503)Indira$1,850365034.12541316, -118.4257005
Keller Hotels Luxury Homes--1352 (5642975)Indira$1,450326034.09722345, -118.4204272
Keller Hotels luxury Homes-1870 (5643107)Indira$2,250347034.10409683, -118.4359895
Keller Hotels Luxury Residence-416 (6911602)Indira$199227034.02752596, -118.4534495
Keller Hotels Luxury Residences-346 (2324875)Indira$699152334.06814741, -118.3499948
Keller Hotels Luxury Residences-86b (1510077)Indira$599121034.066443, -118.37808
Keller Hotels Private Room-1230B (7310446)Indira$110346034.02802508, -118.4517818
Keller Hotels Private Suite-B (4198749)Indira$14593334.06417678, -118.4299727
Keller Hotels Private Suites -1230A (4840114)Indira$115345034.02893899, -118.4534802
Keller Hotels Private Suites-1850 (4865359)Indira$145365034.1045772, -118.4176719
Keller Hotels Westwood (7474469)Indira$39990034.06610718, -118.4296402
Kitchenette 2 Blocks From The Beach (3737979)Coralie$1053178133.76901478, -118.1900878
KOSHER KITCHEN! - PICO ROBERTSON A+ (5633532)David And Orly - Kosher Rentals & Extended Stays$200315034.06243872, -118.3796708
KOSHER KITCHEN! 2 BEDROOM A+ LOCAL! (5009294)David And Orly - Kosher Rentals & Extended Stays$145295234.05712013, -118.3936765
KOSHER KITCHEN! 2+2 MODERN APT (4876893)David And Orly - Kosher Rentals & Extended Stays$199338334.056564, -118.3811529
KOSHER-FRIENDLY LUXURY 2+2.5 APT! (5388097)David And Orly - Kosher Rentals & Extended Stays$150300634.05203671, -118.3790723
LA Beautiful ESTATE (2123526)Lisa$403313134.24510116, -118.5584072
Large Room- Twin Bed & Couches (6) (3688641)Mary$53346333.96999556, -118.3499117
Lemon Farms Private House with View (1260277)Sue$1503456834.03565422, -118.0775843
Little Tokyo Dorm #108 w/ bunkbed (808721)Jefferson$41301834.05007439, -118.2351911
Little Tokyo Dorm #110 (unfurnishd) (1125117)Jefferson$35254934.04731467, -118.2364831
Little Tokyo Dorm #202 (unfurnishd) (3340979)Jefferson$35210134.04880644, -118.2367111
Little Tokyo Dorm #212 w/ mattress (821996)Jefferson$40233534.04777899, -118.2366703
Little Tokyo Dorm #218 (unfurnishd) (899872)Jefferson$3537534.04878893, -118.235497
Little Tokyo Dorm #220 (unfurnishd) (899928)Jefferson$33316534.04728067, -118.2353445
Little Tokyo Dorm #225 (unfurnishd) (1835991)Jefferson$32323034.04899204, -118.2348695
Little Tokyo Dorm #227 (unfurnishd) (853359)Jefferson$33339134.04707142, -118.2366314
Little Tokyo Dorm #229 (unfurnishd) (1240012)Jefferson$33334134.04939694, -118.2352607
Little Tokyo/Arts District Room 219 (1125142)Jefferson$43340234.04852373, -118.235242
Little Tokyo/Arts District Room 226 (990400)Jefferson$43344734.04889425, -118.2337104
Little Tokyo/Downtown LA room #201 (164946)Jefferson$433343734.0479477, -118.2370941
Little Tokyo/Downtown LA room #206 (112223)Jefferson$43924234.04784154, -118.2350919
Little Tokyo/Downtown LA room #228 (135608)Jefferson$433433234.04895328, -118.2357011
Little Tokyo/Downtown LA room #234 (1024102)Jefferson$43205734.04928445, -118.2357094
Little Tokyo/Downtown LA room #235 (43318)Jefferson$432765034.04851801, -118.236926
Little Tokyo/DTLA bunk bed #109 (990385)Jefferson$43328534.04910178, -118.236636
Loft in heart of Old Town Pasadena (3058076)Jefferson$1351691634.14498194, -118.1490231
Loft in the Heart of Venice (5339911)Ashton$299357733.9894375, -118.4595915
Los Angeles Hollywood Room (219526)Sue$5933312333.97914726, -118.0978876
Los Angeles Ocean Beach Room (209220)Sue$7134012033.97922107, -118.0966977
Los Angeles*ESTATE HOME NORTHRIDGE (3321061)Lisa$403552434.24536456, -118.5583192
Los Angeles, Hollywood / Downtown 1 (524000)Kelly$593309034.0592252, -118.2933417
Los Angeles, Hollywood / Downtown 2 (523997)Kelly$3529510334.05933649, -118.2922906
Los Angeles, Hollywood / Downtown 4 (282140)Kelly$693555534.05890654, -118.2919256
Los Angeles, Hollywood / Downtown Z (523833)Kelly$553245934.05958456, -118.2935563
Los Angeles, Hollywood/Downtown (3470150)Tim Sokoloff$4814411734.05406617, -118.2852121
Los Angeles, Pvt Room w Own Bath! (393810)Kelly$553403334.07517489, -118.1367024
Los Angeles, Pvt Room w Own Bath! 2 (413586)Kelly$493303134.07460703, -118.1368956
Los Angeles, Pvt Room w Own Bath! 3 (435885)Kelly$50306934.07401019, -118.1388453
Los Feliz Village/Hollywood Jewel (6005280)Margalytte$179345134.10893632, -118.28432
Los Feliz w/Views - Near Metro!!! (6092309)Margalytte$129335234.099492, -118.2832864
Los Feliz/ Franklin Hills Retreat (4978574)Ashton$360321734.09990157, -118.2791621
Lovely 2 Beds in Central Pasadena (7151869)Angelina$179126134.14175767, -118.1475893
Lovely Ranch-Style Home in LA ! (1703480)Lisa$323593534.21868392, -118.536453
Lovely Room- Free wifi&parking (28) (4847235)Mary$48334133.97007973, -118.3486893
LRG UPDATED 2+2 WITH A VIEW & POOL! (7097706)David And Orly - Kosher Rentals & Extended Stays$225306034.05741647, -118.3812433
Lux 1BD at Pasadena Playhouse (6358371)Angelina$152310034.14650751, -118.1346776
Lux 2 Beds in Heart of Old Pasadena (6766153)Angelina$19966034.1411972, -118.1536706
Lux 2 Beds in the Heart of Pasadena (6750222)Angelina$189342134.14785772, -118.13739
Lux 2B2B at Old Pasadena (6571280)Angelina$199353034.14603296, -118.1441536
Lux 2B2B Near by Convention Center (6957882)Angelina$189259034.14182843, -118.1430536
Luxurious 1 BR Brand New Building! (5372347)Aaron$200361434.06136103, -118.3393931
Luxury 2 Beds at Central Pasadena (6337336)Angelina$199310134.14102306, -118.1473314
Luxury 2 Beds in Downtown Pasadena (6238646)Angelina$189353234.14205894, -118.1441398
Luxury Apartment Complex (7343486)Aaron$800356034.08773857, -118.3899717
Luxury Estate in the heart of LA (6145446)Ashton$1,750365034.06276794, -118.3289625
Luxury Universal Studios Villa (5402330)Aaron$195297134.13061699, -118.3457713
Magic apt Hollywood/dwntown+parking (3980863)Tim Sokoloff$553064634.05075085, -118.2880669
Master Suite w/ Private Bath in LA (1068320)Sue$7534310733.98148702, -118.0890522
Mini Room- Free wifi & parking (33) (6202973)Mary$39331133.97038726, -118.3497215
Mini Room- Wifi & Parking (9B) (6947041)Mary$39326133.97159182, -118.3499107
Modern Architectural Bungalow (6094723)$360361033.98967021, -118.4572316
Modern Home In Beverly Hills (7438425)Aaron$2,000365034.09746462, -118.3995128
Modern Lux 2BD in Downtown Glendale (7454096)Angelina$199128034.14719293, -118.2544974
Modern Marvel in Silverlake (4463082)Ashton$565235834.0934199, -118.2770325
Modern Villa in Los Feliz with Pool (5591096)Ashton$800304034.10220254, -118.275813
Mt Olympus Hills, Pool & Views (5945466)Ashton$1,200365034.10994007, -118.3671222
Near the LA Convention Center (300343)Kellie$65365734.046159, -118.3133663
Nice Room- WIFI & Parking (9a) (3999175)Mary$48292233.97182135, -118.3495381
Ocean Views- Modern Condo (6513797)$265358133.9914777, -118.4757839
Office (7345071)Shuki$100365034.15738706, -118.4913907
Office in Encino (7346590)Shuki$100365034.156507, -118.4911278
Pasadena Dream Home (7294011)Ashton$800365034.13720142, -118.1745718
Peaceful 1Bed/Loft Near By Cal Tech (6611262)Angelina$139150234.13980326, -118.1306873
Peaceful Beach Cabana, Free Bikes! (5316689)Scott$693291734.02761082, -118.4923262
Peaceful Cozy Room, Free Bikes! (5317495)Scott$993142034.02707765, -118.4923477
Peaceful Place by Downtown Pasadena (6401536)Angelina$139255334.14209271, -118.1425067
Peaceful Place Near by Cal Tech (6325449)Angelina$169347034.13844892, -118.1291049
Peaceful Relaxing Nook, Free Bikes! (5642988)Scott$793541134.02760545, -118.4944144
Peaceful Venice Cabana, Free Bikes. (7444296)Scott$69363034.00028254, -118.4502825
Peaceful Venice Cabana. Free Bikes! (5861776)Scott$69356334.00229647, -118.4627745
Peaceful Venice space, Free Bikes! (7444802)Scott$69358033.99909338, -118.4514078
Pico / Lacienega updated 3+2 casher (6308425)David And Orly - Kosher Rentals & Extended Stays$189351234.04789747, -118.3760534
PICO ROBERTSON GARDEN GUEST HOUSE (7351887)David And Orly - Kosher Rentals & Extended Stays$175359034.05136156, -118.3839659
Pico Robertson Private Guest Room (6202908)David And Orly - Kosher Rentals & Extended Stays$60321334.05520765, -118.3869356
Private 2bd house, downtown +SALE! (5730863)Tim Sokoloff$125881034.04935769, -118.2895638
Private Bedroom- WIFI/Parking (24) (5061134)Mary$48331033.96962894, -118.3498982
Private funny room#5family SALE!!! (5531997)Tim Sokoloff$383192134.05185994, -118.2868512
Private jazz room downtown LA (4566166)Tim Sokoloff$453245434.04678921, -118.286816
Private Oasis in the heart of LA (4464036)$850241234.10928433, -118.2988623
Private Room - Relax in Elegance (5795566)Sue$69362134.02281367, -117.876899
Private room 6 downtown/hollywood (5633035)Tim Sokoloff$453022834.04668248, -118.2852875
Private room big house great!!! (5774231)Tim Sokoloff$33144734.05190377, -118.2869205
Private Room FREE WIFI&Parking (30) (4853283)Mary$48361233.97105594, -118.347957
Private Room in a Shared House (6374551)Sue$55362034.0818193, -117.8771854
Private Room in Large Building (8) (3544725)Mary$49321533.97135263, -118.3493254
Private room w lock and bathroom 4 (3858385)Kelly$383301434.07321691, -118.1372679
Private room with full size bed (5260897)Tim Sokoloff$453161634.05418421, -118.2877394
Private Room with WIFI/Parking (4) (4288782)Mary$48312433.97016396, -118.3486508
Private room#3 in artist house LA (5747505)Tim Sokoloff$453162034.05218889, -118.2853799
Private room, close to subway -R2 (7033007)Kelly$45350034.0534719, -118.2813378
Private Room, close to subway -R3 (7009883)Kelly$55305234.05345077, -118.2807364
Private Room-Free Wifi/Parking (5) (3578261)Mary$48337033.97139984, -118.349835
Private room. Cozy, convenient. -R5 (7483883)Kelly$40344034.05236864, -118.2810247
Private room. Cozy, convenient. -R8 (7086506)Kelly$35355034.05224432, -118.2813408
Private room/2bd app. downtown la (6006534)Tim Sokoloff$421701534.04716392, -118.2895126
Private room/hollywood Best Deal! (3333421)Tim Sokoloff$531187134.04939831, -118.2856725
Private Rooms in Arlington Heights (300311)Kellie$653652034.04758608, -118.3125266
Private small funky room Hollywood (5786296)Tim Sokoloff$373242534.05240056, -118.2873823
Private studio downtown LA best! (6494262)Tim Sokoloff$65342034.05590418, -118.2906511
Private, large room. Central -R4 (7086813)Kelly$39338134.05337286, -118.2811051
Quaint East Village Euro-Studio (4396919)Coralie$993388433.76845662, -118.186294
Quiet Community by the Cal Tech (6575890)Angelina$169169134.139811, -118.1291095
Rabbit Retreat-Private House For 4 (5558823)Sue$85360634.03578653, -118.076076
Red Rooster Retreat (6227242)Sue$100358134.09195778, -118.0033122
Relaxing Beach Bungalow, Free Bike (5318819)Scott$693471434.02730813, -118.4941907
Relaxing Beach Cabana, Free Bikes! (5316174)Scott$69299434.02884315, -118.4937963
Relaxing Venice Cabana, Free Bikes! (4251979)Scott$693332534.0003754, -118.4641595
Relaxing Venice Nook, free Bikes! (7114401)Scott$69360134.00194017, -118.4642079
Relocating? Save Money! (300371)Kellie$333363334.04702551, -118.3134333
Resort Style Living! (5705028)Aaron$350365034.07053218, -118.3546687
Room with Internet&Parking (20) (5649239)Mary$48359233.97163352, -118.349406
Roomy, central w lock, two beds, TV (4803964)Kelly$50332834.0584739, -118.2937857
RV*1BR Sleeps4*Los Angeles,Reseda (3229511)Lisa$65236834.21660021, -118.5338709
San Fernando Gem (7209688)Aaron$600361034.15770069, -118.5402001
Serene Eurostyle Shared Bath Studio (4896839)Coralie$753443933.76894195, -118.1860592
Share our LA, Northridge Estate! (3751187)Lisa$40341134.24697081, -118.5597219
Silver Lake Modern, Pool, & Views (7388528)Ashton$750365034.10215862, -118.2630299
Silver Lake mountain home (7388192)Ashton$325349034.10127784, -118.2558332
Silver Lake Nest (5537350)Ashton$300365334.10154622, -118.256435
Spacious 2 Beds Pasadena Playhouse (6782922)Angelina$18980034.1462324, -118.1344909
SPACIOUS ESTATE IN LA ! Northridge (2514504)Lisa$40360934.24653242, -118.5595687
SPACIOUS HOUSE SLEEPS UP TO 10! (7077847)David And Orly - Kosher Rentals & Extended Stays$190350034.05392222, -118.3770548
Spacious Ranch Home in LAs SFValley (2413322)Lisa$323591434.21475908, -118.5351514
Spacious Room LR- Free Parking/WIFI (7049643)Mary$45332033.97172273, -118.3502582
Star Gazer's Delight - Private Room (6120271)Sue$69363134.02189462, -117.8780644
Starlight Room With 2 Queen Beds (3820985)Sue$593392933.98039296, -118.0878764
STUDENT HOUSING (288061)Kellie$383232234.04722027, -118.3122905
STUDENT HOUSING (776201)Kellie$383571134.04566841, -118.3136767
Student Housing-AFI, CMS, LACC, LSI (300329)Kellie$38365434.04646016, -118.3122053
Stylish Pension Shared Bath Studio (4606226)Coralie$753337133.76724578, -118.1849637
Stylish room 4 in downtown SALE! (5576940)Tim Sokoloff$443123034.04718167, -118.285327
Sunny Euro-Style Shared Bath Studio (6274366)Coralie$753452433.770369, -118.1871988
Super room with private shower! (7380333)Tim Sokoloff$44170034.04832272, -118.2864492
The best little room in LA! (2216641)Kelly$453114934.05869372, -118.2933086
Trendy Los Feliz /Hollywood!!! (5968376)Margalytte$179340034.10970125, -118.2858323
Tuscan Ranch in Topanga (6513487)Ashton$1,400365034.12261205, -118.5905679
Venice Beach Cabana, Free Bikes. (7443437)Scott$69360033.99922476, -118.4515742
Venice Beach Room, Free Bikes! (2770832)Scott$993505234.00230186, -118.4632082
W.R. Hearst- Orchid house (6390869)Ashton$550174034.09700036, -118.4013312
WALK OF FAME HOLLYWOOD 2/2 BEDROOM (3933729)Kate$1993004534.10211096, -118.3376697
Walk through room. Downtown LA (5918974)Tim Sokoloff$37147734.04918951, -118.2898831
WALK TO RODEO DRIVE! 1 BEDROOM A+ (6338175)David And Orly - Kosher Rentals & Extended Stays$175343034.06572195, -118.4041053
Your Home away from Home! (288779)Kellie$653541534.04708311, -118.3119759
Your New LosAngeles Estate Home!!! (2123576)Lisa$403561234.24740989, -118.5614038

Source: Inside Airbnb.

Multi-host Listings

  • By far most listings by our subgroup of multi-hosts are entire homes or apartments (62.5%). About a third are private rooms while shared rooms make up only 5%. This distribution of room types is pretty much the same as for the entire population of LA hosts.
  • Hollywood and Venice stand out as neighborhoods with the most number of listings.
  • The highest priced listing with $5,995 is in Malibu but most listings cost anything between $20 and $2,000. The average price is $212.
Room types

Source: Inside Airbnb.


Source: Inside Airbnb.

Top 50 prices

Source: Inside Airbnb.

Summaries by neighborhood

Going through the most recent dataset with close to 16,000 rows of listings in LA we aggregated the data for each neighborhood. This lets you compare median prices and the median number of listings between neighborhood.

Median price of all listings by LA neighborhood

Source: Inside Airbnb.

Number of listings & median price -- by neighborhood

Source: Inside Airbnb.

Multi-hosts Compared

We used the neigborhood summaries to compare the population of LA multi-hosts with the total population. We focused on the number of listings and the median prices for each of the 3 room types on offer. This allows us to answer several questions:

  1. Are there higher concentrations of listings from multi-hosts in some neighborhoods than others?
  2. How do median prices from multi-host listings compare to overall median prices?

Are there higher concentrations of listings from multi-hosts in some neighborhoods than others?

The map below shows there is a big spread in the concentration of listings from multi-hosts across LA neighbohoods. About 35% of all neigborhoods dont have any listings from multi-hosts. Various neighborhoods only have places listed by multi-hosts. 

Percentage of Airbnb listings posted by multi-hosts

Source: Inside Airbnb.

How do median prices from multi-host listings compare to overall median prices?

The column chart below shows median prices of listings by multi-hosts dwarf the median prices for all listings, in various neighborhoods. Calabasas, Pacific Palisades, Hollywood Hills West and Toluca Lake stand out most. 

Median prices compared: all LA listings versus 'multi-hosts' listings

Source: Inside Airbnb.

Neighborhoods with median prices below average

Source: Inside Airbnb.

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